Clean the World Organization-get involved!

For all of you soap crafters out there, or those who are just interested in helping others around the world,  is a fabulous organization to get involved with. The following exerpt is taken straight from their home page. Please go to their site for further information:

Clean the World recycles soap and saves lives.

Every day in North America, thousands of hotels discard millions of pounds of soap and shampoo. These products often end up in already overflowing landfills and contaminate fragile groundwater systems.

Impoverished people around the world die every day from acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease because they have no soap. The death toll is staggering. Each year more than five million lives are lost to these diseases with the majority of deaths being among children less than five years old. Studies have shown that simple hand washing substantially reduces the spread of these diseases. Unfortunately, the essential items for proper hand washing are unobtainable for millions of people worldwide.

Clean the World gets soap to people who really need it.

In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World distributes recycled soap products, along with appropriate educational materials, to impoverished countries worldwide, and to domestic homeless shelters.

You can help. Your support gets us one step closer to reaching our goal of saving one million lives each year.

We really dont realize just how rich all of us are that are fortunate enough to live in america. We take even the simplest things in life for granted. This organization only wants NEW soap so please don’t misread this content. But, don’t think it has to be handmade by any means.


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