Make Your Own Linen Spray

How many times have
you gone to the store and been suckered into buying linen/fabric spray or
freshener? There are so many brands out there whether from a grocery store or a
specialty store and all of them cost a pretty penny.  Well, that’s pretty sad
considering the main ingredient is WATER.  Yep, that’s right.  Here is a super
easy recipe to make your own.

2 oz. vodka

6 oz. distilled

1-2 tsp. essential
oils or fragrance (try lavender and lemongrass together or grapefruit)

1 tsp. polysorbate

I know polysorbate
sounds like a fancy ingredient, but its really not.  It acts as a binding agent
for the oils and water to distribute them evenly and keep them from separating.
You can order it at many online stores including here. Using
such a small amount, this bottle will last you a very long time.  Just combine
the polysorbate with your fragrance and add to the bottle which you have poured
in your water and vodka with a funnel.  (Please make sure you have sanitized
your instruments and bottles.  Rubbing alcohol works if you spray it on and let
it air dry.) I have had no problems with this formula as far as fabric is
concerned but its always wise to test a small area first before using it on
larger amounts of fabric.


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